What is Quasar?

What Is Quasar?

Quasar is on the frontier of making DeFi accessible. With the creation of Layered Staked Assets (LSAs) Quasar is uniting Staking and DeFi yields into a single fungible asset. LSAs offer the first Stakable and Restakable representation of DeFi that ensures competitive yields without the burden of constant active management, addressing the growing fragmentation in the DeFi space.

By rebalancing capital between LST’s and attractive yield destinations, Quasar LSAs can guarantee at minimum staking yield, and at the best outperforming DeFi yields
. They create a seamless DeFi user experience by removing the complexity of the underlying infrastructure and yielding strategies.

Quasar Litepaper

We are proud to announce and share our new Litepaper

Quasar Litepaper.pdf

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