Strategy Keeper Network


The Strategy Keeper Network (S.K.N.) is a specialized ecosystem of keepers that trustlessly verify and execute off-chain computations on-chain. It unites TradFi workflows with DeFi and is crucial in enabling strategists to implement their strategies on-chain while ensuring user protection against malicious actions.

Key Features

  • Permissionless Innovation: Enhances decentralization, allowing strategists to execute strategies on-chain efficiently.

  • Modular and Rapid Deployment: Facilitates quick roll-out and adaptation of Quasar Vaults to new blockchain environments.

The Problem:

DeFi users and strategists require complex and dynamic strategies to take full advantage of competitive yield opportunities. The required off-chain computations used in Traditional Finance can not be efficiently executed on chain without removing the "Decentralised" aspect of finance and putting users at risk of being compromised by malicious actions without robust protective measures.

Current solutions for off-chain computations and strategy executions on-chain include many single points of failure and are slow, affecting overall strategy performance.

The Solution: Strategy Keeper Network

The Strategy Keeper Network (S.K.N.) is a decentralized system that automates verification of off-chain strategy update proposals and executes them on-chain. It consists of Proposers and Verifiers:

  • Proposer: These are strategy specific entities that require fast and efficient on-chain updates to their related vault strategies.

  • Verifier: They are a set of validators selected by Quasar Governance and are rewarded in $QSR token for their verification work

Proposers propose a strategy update (for example a CL Pool range parameter) which is then circulated to all verifiers. Verifiers review and confirm it is not malicious without passing judgement on the strategy itself. They sign the update as verification and send the signature to the proposer. The updates are then posted on-chain by the proposer for immediate execution.

This system is designed to operate across multiple blockchain environments, ensuring seamless integration and rapid deployment of Quasar Vaults.

Key Benefits

  • Merging TradFi and DeFi: Strategists have access to reliable and swift execution of their off-chain computations

  • User Protection: Depositors are kept safe and ensures that strategies are executed without malicious actions, protecting user capital.

  • Decentralization: By transitioning to a permissionless framework, S.K.N. significantly boosts the decentralization of the Quasar ecosystem.

  • Rapid Adaptation: The modular design allows for quick adaptation and deployment to new blockchains.

  • Economic Incentives: $QSR staking and reward mechanisms create a stable and competitive ecosystem.

  • Crosschain Integration: Advanced IBC capabilities enable smooth synchronization across different blockchain networks.


To safeguard the Quasar protocol, verifiers face the potential for slashing if they underperform or accept malicious updates.

Restaking Mechanism

$QSR holders can re-stake their tokens with active keepers. This process enhances the ecosystem's efficacy but carries inherent risks. Misbehavior or deviations by active keepers can impact the ecosystem's stability and affect re-staked tokens, highlighting the importance of informed decision-making and risk assessment.

Architecture Overview

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