The $QSR token importantly functions as a governance token for decentralized decision-making for the evolution of the Quasar chain. $QSR holders involved in chain validation through staking and delegation will decide the future of the protocol by proposing, vetting, and passing upgrades and changes to the protocol. Structural changes to Quasar's appchain cannot be imposed by Quasar’s development team without input from the community of users.

Quasar’s on-chain governance scheme is largely typical of PoS blockchains. All $QSR holders can participate in governance decisions regarding the blockchain to make changes to key parameters defining how the Quasar chain functions (e.g. adjustments to transaction fees or migrations). The weighting of voting power is measured 1:1 with an account’s staked $QSR holding.

Validators are expected to have a greater stake in terms of $QSR and as security providers, so are expected to have more governance power. Simply, the more you participate and the more you are invested, the more voting power you have.

All governance proposals can be discussed and votedupon here:

Governance Vision

The Quasar protocol upholds core values and principles, particularly when influencing DeFi applications and destinations. This commitment stems from an understanding that aligned incentives and coherent communication are the fabric of effective governance.

The introduction of Quasar's Validator, wielding the superfluid voting power of Layered Staked Assets (L.S.A.s) and governed by the Quasar Protocol Governance in conjunction with the Quasar Association, marks a pivotal evolution. This development aims to harmonize the interests of DeFi users with protocol governance and champions the principles of:

  • Equilibrium in Yield Dynamics: Ensuring that staking and DeFi yields complement rather than compete, maintaining a healthy ecosystem where yield incentives thrive in balance.

  • Advocacy for Composability and Liberty: Championing the principles of composability and freedom within the ecosystem, opposing undue taxation and restrictive measures.

  • Harmonization of User Engagement and Token Value: Striving to balance the appeal to users with the returns to token holders

Operating across each Quasar Outpost chain, Quasar's Validator receives a clear, non-discretionary mandate. This mandate compels it to vote in the best interests of Quasar users, aligning directly with the needs of the broader protocol community and Quasar's overarching goals.

Through this governance framework, Quasar aims to forge a more integrated, fair, and user-centric DeFi ecosystem. This approach serves the immediate interests of its users and lays the groundwork for a more inclusive and prosperous future for all stakeholders within the Quasar ecosystem.

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