$QSR Token


$QSR is the cornerstone of our Protocol, encapsulating ownership, growth, decision-making power, and alignment in its deepest essence.

The Utility and Purpose of $QSR

  • L1 Security: $QSR secures our Layer 1 infrastructure, ensuring that all strategies, executions, rebalances, transfers, and vault deposits are tracked, verified, and securely accessible for verification by any party.

  • Strategist Keeper Network (S.K.N.): It secures S.K.N., facilitating a decentralized, multi-step process that ensures compliant, swift, and secure execution of off-chain computations on-chain, rewarding S.K.N. stakers.

  • Governance and Association: As the governance token and the pivotal asset of the Quasar Association, a Swiss non-profit dedicated to our ecosystem's growth, $QSR empowers token holders to vote on critical decisions regarding deployment, upgrades, and protocol variables.

  • Community Fund and ProtoRev Usage: $QSR holders play a decisive role in utilizing the on-chain community fund and ProtoRev, directly influencing the Protocol's future and ensuring that generated ProtoRev is allocated effectively.


To forge a future of collective ownership and organic, scalable growth, aligning the token with the Protocol's core values and operations is paramount. We have devised several strategies to ensure this alignment:

  • ProtoRev: utilizes funds to buy back $QSR and reinvest in the ecosystem's growth. This strategy includes pooling $QSR for liquidity, engaging in token swaps, pooling the accrued assets for liquidity, and facilitating onboarding of new destinations, developers, and strategists.

  • We emphasize the strategic deployment of ProtoRev for onboarding new destinations, developers, and strategists. We will direct all rewards from previous quarters and the rewards of Q1 and Q2 towards purchasing $QSR. This effort will augment the $QSR Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL) in strategic pools, enhancing the ecosystem's robustness and future growth potential.

A critical aspect of our strategy involves ensuring that $QSR is in the hands of those genuinely aligned with our vision—creating a synergy between ownership and users.

Our compliance-first approach, underpinned by the Swiss Association, is the legal foundation for tokenholder representation and protocol governance. This structure and aligning incentives with our keeper network validators create a minimal discretion environment crucial for the Protocol's resilience and longevity.

Our L1: The Protocol's Moat

Quasar’s proof-of-stake L1, built with the Tendermint consensus engine, uses $QSR to provide security to the chain. Validators can participate in committing blocks to the blockchain by staking a required sum of $QSR.

Our L1 serves dual purposes—tracking and verifying strategist actions and acting as the nucleus of our future IBC-Mesh network. It allows for interchain strategies leveraging Quasar outposts across the interchain. This infrastructure grants $QSR holders and the Quasar protocol complete control over the entire stack, a privilege usually reserved for protocols later in their lifecycle.

The Future of DeFi and Quasar P.O.L. Structuring

As the DeFi landscape evolves towards appchains, initiated by pioneers like dYdX and soon to be embraced by others like Uniswap, Quasar positions itself at the forefront of this transition. Our P.O.L. structuring and LP Pool strategy will be detailed further, emphasizing our commitment to accessibility, innovation, and the seamless integration of $QSR within and beyond the DeFi ecosystem.

Token Allocation

The allocation for the $QSR token is as follows:

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 (61% minted at launch)

  • Investors: 21%

  • Quasar Founders & Team: 14.5%

  • Public Liquidity Seeding via LBP: 4.5%

  • Unallocated (future fundraising & team members): 9%

  • Incentives: 10%

  • Community Pool (future airdrops & community spend): 25%

  • Inflation (rate set to 0% at mainnet, 5% after LBP): 15%

  • Advisors: 1%

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