Legoblock Design


The key to understanding Quasar's ecosystem and vision is in its Legoblock design.

Achieving outperforming DeFi yields along with a seamless user experience is difficult but it is something we have dedicated ourselves to accomplishing. Here we highlight the blocks involved in creating that goal:

(1) Vaults

Quasar's vaults are the first block in our larger ecosystem and are centered around DeFi yield strategies that incorporate off-chain computation to continuously optimise for the best possible yield. Our current Concentrated Liquidity vaults deposit user funds into a Supercharged pool on Osmosis and dynamically update the range that the liquidity is provided to optimise for the best possible yield. These vaults are specific to both the Protocol (Osmosis) and the primitive (Dex) and are the foundation of what our larger products are compiled of. Explore our current vaults here

(2) Pro (Coming)

Our PRO vault products are also Protocol specific (such as Osmosis) and will utilise existing CL vaults along with other yield primitives (such as Staking and Money Markets) for that asset and combine them into a single vault. User deposits are rebalanced between these yield opportunities on that protocol to optimise for the best available yield at any given time. PRO vaults will be created on multiple protocol destinations across the IBC network including EVM chains.

(3) Layered Staked Assets (Coming)

LSA's are our flagship product that will combine outperforming yield with an exceptional user experience into a single fungible asset. LSA's are built upon PRO vaults and will rebalance user funds to the PRO vaults that have the best available yield and strategy at that time for the underlying asset. Users will benefit from both Staking and DeFi yields while reintroducing fungibility back into DeFi allowing it to be the first Restakable representation of DeFi. Read more about LSAs here

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