Architectural Vision

Architectural Vision

Quasar is moving from script-driven operations to AI-enhanced processes with human assistance. Advancements via Celestia, Rollups, EVM-compatible IBC, and AI innovations facilitate this. Our key architectural principles underpin this progression:

  • Unwavering Support for IBC to ensure a connected DeFi ecosystem.

  • Dedication to Cosmos and Modular Ecosystems: IBC extends Cosmos and fosters a unified infrastructure across Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Bitcoin.

Quasar balances proprietary strategies with an open financial ecosystem, offering democratized access through a validator and smart contract-driven execution layer. This aligns with Quasar's principles of resilience, scalability, and visionary leadership. We will achieve this through:

  • Layered Staked Assets (LSAs): Converting deposits into yield-bearing tokens for use in DeFi applications and bringing back composability to Defi

  • Decentralization and Governance: The Quasar Association ensures decentralized governance with stakeholder representation. This facilitates dev funding and aligns community pool disbursements with ProtoRev revenue.

  • Querkle: An incentive framework for indexing transactions and rewarding user behaviors on Osmosis. It ensures scalability, user-friendliness, and optimized resource allocation.

  • Strategy Keeper Network (S.K.N): A decentralized keeper network supporting off-chain strategy execution for Quasar Vaults. Providing strategists with essential capabilities for flawless strategy execution on-chain

  • Restaking Mechanism: $QSR holders can re-stake with Strategy Keepers for enhanced execution rewards.

  • Vaults as an Asset: We will create Multi-Strategy Vaults that provide single-asset yield opportunities within Cosmos and beyond.

  • Cross-Chain Yield Aggregation: Quasar’s vaults are interconnected in a mesh network that enables strategists to create "meta" strategies.

  • Quasar Wars and veQSR: $QSR holders will earn bribes from protocols wishing to direct emissions to their vaults.

  • Protocol-Owned Liquidity (P.O.L): Quasar’s market-making services allow token issuers to manage liquidity on Osmosis with unparalleled control

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