Technology Stack

Quasar is built on tools provided by several open-sourced projects.

Our technology stack enables Quasar to offer its users a wide range of yield-generating products, seamless cross-chain functionality, and the assurance of Security and speed in contract execution. Our key technologies are:

  • EVM Compatibility: Deploying on EVM-based chains is essential to achieving our mission to maximize yield and utility in the larger DeFi ecosystem.

  • IBC: Quasar has doubled down on IBC as it is by far the most trustless, permissionless, and universally accessible bridge.

  • CosmWasm: The primary virtual machine (VM) for many Cosmos chains, CosmWasm allows secure DeFi applications through Rust smart contracts.

  • CosmosSDK: Enables Quasar to build a fully IBC-compatible blockchain with cross-chain functionalities. Its flexible and supports the staking mechanisms

Quasar’s strategic Alliances and synergistic ecosystem engagement is facilitated by its innovative vault system that serves as both a repository for assets and a liquidity engine within vibrant ecosystems like Osmosis:

  • Liquidity Solutions: Quasar vaults channel user deposits into targeted liquidity pools, offering users rewards through trading fees and incentives.

  • Decentralized Protocols and Engagement: Enhances liquidity accessibility for protocols, while offering efficient vault-based incentives.

  • Protocol-Owned Liquidity (P.O.L): Quasar's vaults enable protocols to align assets with strategic goals while benefiting from enhanced liquidity.

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