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Hardware Requirements

These are the suggested specs. Given we are still in the testnet phase, you may decide to cut down a little.

  • 4 or more physical CPU cores
  • At least 500GB of SSD disk storage
  • At least 16GB of memory
  • At least 100mbps network bandwidth

How to Install Quasar

Binary installation

(Currently tested in Ubuntu 22)

  1. Download the binary corresponding to the testnet version from here.
  2. Put it in your desired folder (it is useful to have it in your PATH)

Creating your keys

NOTE: This will use the testing backend (only for testing purposes). Do not use it in prod!

  1. Create the keys with the command:
    quasarnoded keys add < my_new_testing_key > --keyring-backend test
    (replace < my_new_testing_key > with whatever you like)

Cleanup environment

WARNING: Use at your own risk!

If you have pre-existing keys and a previous environment, you can remove them using:

  1. quasarnoded tendermint unsafe-reset-all
  2. quasarnoded keys list --keyring-backend test
  3. quasarnoded keys delete < my_old_key > --keyring-backend test (replace < my_old_key > accordingly.)

From sources

Our repo is still not open source.
You will need to use the binary deployment. Check the preceding section.

1. Clone the repo with: git clone
2. Go to the repo folder and run make build to have the binary built in ./build/quasarnoded