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Joining Testnet


This guide assumes that you have our binary installed.
Please see Get Quasar for more info.

NOTE: Check the last corresponding version, chain id, and more in the introduction.

How to join the chain as a full node

  1. Initialize the node files with: quasarnoded init < node_moniker > --chain-id < qsr-internal-questnet-01/02/03/etc >

  2. Download the genesis file from the corresponding version, e.g:
    and replace the one in the appropriate path, e.g.: ~/.quasarnoded/config/genesis.json

  3. Set the persistent_peers parameter in the ~/.quasarnoded/config/config.toml with the ones listed in the persistent_peers.txt file in the repo (remove the node itself from the list if needed) example file for questnet v02

  1. Start the quasar service. If you installed the systemd unit, it should be something like sudo systemctl start quasard

This will make the node sync its state with the chain.
This will take several hours

More info here:

Extra: You can promote your node to validator following this guide